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Philosophical quotes and adages, and the Dead Dog's Philo Ex Nihilio

Owner: Dusk

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Other Tags: philosopher, ancient, metaphysics, Einstein


The Young Socrates is a blog that promotes thinking about life. It wants you to consciously think.. about what you consider to be right, wrong, true or false.

Owner: Bobbakov

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Other Tags: Life, Thinking, Beliefs, Respect, Science


just a little part of me and little information what can i share .

Owner: didot99

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Other Tags: kura kura brazil, i'm not stupid too, eros dan physche


Author of the Nicolaos series of historical mysteries of Classical Greece. Full of research on.. life and times in the Athens of Pericles. Nicolaos is afflicted with an irritating younger.. brother, a lad by the name of Socrates.

Owner: GaryCorby

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: Historical, Mystery, Greek, Pericles


Photojournalistic blog. Photos (and sometimes a bit of text!) of reportage, news, events, etc...

Owner: soc

Listed in: Photoblog

Other Tags: barcelona, journalism, news

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