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A self employed, stay at home dad gives you the straight dope about parenting, kids, love and life... Parenting tips, tricks and advice from a human secularist perspective.

Owner: claybutler

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: fatherhood, humorous, self employed dad, stay at home dad, daughter


This blog shares direct corporate experiences related to Leadership and conflict management and.. various approaches that worked/didn't work. Thanks Manpreet Juneja

Owner: ManpreetJ

Listed in: Business

Other Tags: Leadership, Conflict Management, SWOT, Internal Customers, Team Management


Looking for the best hair straightener of 2016 for your dull and fussy hair then don't go.. anywhere because Gurin is one of the leading brand of 2016 of providing hair straighteners in the.. USA.

Owner: gurinproduct

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: hair straightener, hair care, life style


Shit your parent should have taught you, school was afraid you would find out,and the government.. tries to hide- the truth.

Owner: originalthinker

Listed in: Politics


Your online resource for everyday Traditional Classic Wet Shaving Supplies, Straight Razors,.. Double Edge Safety Razors etc..

Owner: Soykot_Islam

Listed in: Literature


A blog about motorsports, F1, feeder series and other stuff. Available in English and French.

Owner: GRZ

Listed in: Sports

Other Tags: F1, motorsport, feeder series, gp2, open wheel


Babyliss Straightening Iron

Owner: Joshua_Roberts

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: Babyliss Straightening Iron


Ceramic Hair Straightener

Owner: Joshua_Roberts

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: Ceramic Hair Straightener


If you read comic books, wait-for-trades, or love collected editions then you're in the right.. place! I've personally read every book reviewed here and work hard to give you enough.. information for making that decision on what to buy next!

Owner: Mike_Szele

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: comic books, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, collected editions, comic books reviews

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