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My name is Sophie, i'm 16. Here I will share with you my life as of now. Everyone needs to.. vent.

Owner: aditlom

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Other Tags: teenage, life, love


Angry Housemom sounds off about the everyday struggles of staying at home with two toddlers. You.. are not alone!!!!

Owner: angryhousemom

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Other Tags: parenting, toddlers, close in age, difficulties


Raising a child with Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Owner: trista5

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Other Tags: ODD, children, ADHD, parents


My blog is based on personal life experiences from my life as well as a mini compilation of chapters.. I am putting together for future use in a book about my grandmother's life story.

Owner: mail4ms

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Other Tags: Life, Family, Women, Strength


How God has worked in my own life and things He has taught me as I've gone through trials.

Owner: greene75

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Other Tags: Faith, Hope, Love, Sin

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