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It's about me It's about you It's about youth

Owner: kenchalegado

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Other Tags: youth, friends, family, GOD

3. Ex Dee


This is my friend's and I's new blog! It is a personal blog where we will be sharing a bit.. of our Middle School life.

Owner: TarinkyDink

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Other Tags: XD, friendship, Middle School, pre-teen


Throwing cats at people’s faces, singing on the bus, and stealing life size cut outs of either.. Edward Cullen or Jacob Black from Dymocks/Borders/Your mum's house, depending on how I'm.. feeling on the day. Cool.

Owner: missjen

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: writing, funny, radness, girl


Get exclusive womens plus sizes fashion info and beauty tips from all over the globe. Moda pinks is.. given all info you want to know about fashion. You can search here like: plus size swimsuits, summer.. beauty tips, teenage beauty tips.

Owner: Moda_Pinks

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weight loss for teen girls,weight loss for teenage girls.diets and so on

Owner: wangqw

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Other Tags: weight loss for teen girl


A wealth creation blog for Teenagers. Learn how-to make money, save money and invest your money... Covering a range of topics from Personal Growth to Entrepreneurship.

Owner: chensta

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Other Tags: wealth, money, finance, personal development, success


Blog about being a teenager, my adventures and opinions on life as a whole living as a teen in this.. society. Free advice available on everything. I hope that I will help you get the advice you need... xxJen

Owner: teenswayoflife

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Other Tags: way of life, teenage, teens, inspiration, self-development


Vunty is a teen blog network

Owner: bazeballboy5757

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Other Tags: Vunty, Blog, Network


This blog is about an 18 year old struggling to overcome his drug addiction. He depicts his day to.. day life in vivid detail and hopes to help fellow addicts or just anyone who has experienced.. addiction in their lives through his own personal events.

Owner: Secrutz

Listed in: Health

Other Tags: Vivid, Breath-taking, Addiction, Help

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