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pittura, illustrazioni per bambini, fumetti, caricature, grafic art, vignette, isola d'Ischia,

Owner: Impagliazzo

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This is a blog about my latest book, the novel "Gringa in a Strange Land." It is set in.. Mexico in the early l970's, an on-the-road novel about expat Americans during the.. counterculture and a wide cast of Mexicans.

Owner: lindadahl

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: novel about Mexico, novel about Americans in Mexico, coming-of-age in the l970's, portrait of an artist, literary novel set in Yucatan


Trang An Golf & Country Club

Owner: unigolf

Listed in: Videogames


Wherein the strange happenings in the day to day life of one Iggy F Makarevich are sometimes.. recounted. More often, it will include rants and commentary on forteana and parapolitical.. observations, news, and suchlike.

Owner: iggymak

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: parapolitics, conspiracy, fortean, ufo, paranormal


A peek into the world of a science fiction and fantasy author in which reality is not an option.

Owner: roxannebland

Listed in: Literature

Other Tags: fantasy, science-fiction, author, publisher, purple


Latest bangla strange news

Owner: farahad2281111

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: Latest, bangla, strange, news, bangladesh


There is a new wave in travel: Couchsurfing - an international network of travellers looking for.. couches on which to crash.Who in their right mind would sleep at the home of a complete stranger? .. I've decided to answer that question by doing it mysel

Owner: couchsmurf

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: couchsurfing, couch, alternative travel, social experiment, people watching


I took up running again seven years ago, with a mid-life crisis marathon in mind. While I've.. made a lot of mistakes since then, I've also learned a lot about running and avoiding injury.. too. TJBFS is my attempt to share some of that knowledge.

Owner: copyworks

Listed in: Sports

Other Tags: running advice, running rants, runners, middle-aged runners, first-time marathon


Weird Pictures from the World!

Owner: manos324

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: weird, strange, funny, illusions, photos


3 Days 2 Nights At Beautiful Beach City Nha Trang

Owner: unigolf

Listed in: Dating

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