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I write about my thoughts, feeling, experiences, books etc in my life in this blog from Japan... I'm not good at English, but I want to write in English.

Owner: hfuji2000

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: thoughts, books, Japan, family, literature


Random collection of gems of knowledge, recipes, and nifty tips and tricks. Who says procrastination.. can make a person dull?

Owner: geralvand

Listed in: Lifestyle

Other Tags: beauty, recipes, how tos, women


Personal movie collections of a movie addict! More than 2,000 rare titles from as early as the.. 1890's and still growing. . . Relax and enjoy as you search for the movies in your mind. They.. are in the movieracks. . .

Owner: rahamitz

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: classic, dvd, movie, film


Learn more information about interesting topics.

Owner: markamps

Listed in: Personal

Other Tags: amps4u, reference, tutorial, guides


Dream World Helper - Tips - Puzzle Helper / Solver - 4 Colors Box Solver - Trivia Question and.. Answers - Answers for Dream World Trivia

Owner: DreamWorldHelper

Listed in: Videogames

Other Tags: Dream World, Tips, Helper, Facebook


welcome to a picture quiz!

Owner: quizmaster

Listed in: Arts

Other Tags: quiz, picture quiz, puzzles, fun


Get the latest Travel News, Motoring Tips and Advice, Information on City Breaks and Holiday.. Inspirations! Take part in our Travel Trivia Tuesday and Friday Drivetime!

Owner: autoeurope

Listed in: Travel

Other Tags: travel ideas, holiday ideas, car hire, weekend breaks


Arts, Opinion and Things Going Wrong by Theo, a Welsh lass living in Ireland. GASP in wonder at the.. levels of hyper-intelligence displayed! GURGLE politely at the laboured jokes! SHARE with people you.. have a grave dislike for!

Owner: Theo

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: Ireland, Funny, Wales, Things Going Wrong


The Blog is about views, articles and news related to Indian history

Owner: deepaksingh

Listed in: Resources

Other Tags: History, Indian, ancient, mediaval


The movie trivia game where your knowledge on an assortment of different genres is tested daily in.. quotes, trivia questions, and the six degrees of Kevin Bacon game. Includes movie reviews,.. trailers, and anything that I feel like typing about.

Owner: hateirk

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: movie, quotes, games, reviews

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