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Following the exploits, dramas, occasional triumphs and frequent disasters of the worst.. international football teams in the world.

Owner: WorstInTheWorld

Listed in: Sports

Other Tags: Football, Soccer, International, World


This blog will show you all the ways you can piss off your readers and kill your chances for.. blogging success. But here’s a secret: by doing the opposite of everything you see, you might.. actually learn something.

Owner: ajwalsh

Listed in: Internet


We are the "Liberal Media Watchdog" Exposing the Left Wing, Socialist, Radical, Democrats.. that are tearing at the fabric of our Traditional American Way of Life!

Owner: nicjones

Listed in: Politics

Other Tags: Liberals, Democrats, Socialist, Barack Hussein Obama, Leftwing Liberal


A blog about my life with 3 kids: a 14 year old daughter, a 10 year old son with.. Asperger's/Autism, as well as other disorders, and a 7 year old son with severe.. environmental/food allergies and asthma.

Owner: theworstestmommy

Listed in: Parents

Other Tags: Aspergers, Autism, Allergies, Asthma, Kids


The nomination was voted for by around 500,000 people who believed that Miss Cole’s Messy Little.. Raindrops album deserved to be part of the one of the most insulting awards in the music business.

Owner: bigticketshopuk

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: Theatre Tickets, Cheap Concert Tickets


Factual, amusing and debatable articles the tallest, highest, richest, worst, highest, fastest, we.. look at who or what are the best at their field, we look at who/what is best of best and worst of.. the worst

Owner: s100tth

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: fastest, tallest, rishest, best


blogging right inside of everything, you need to know

Owner: insidewateen

Listed in: Technology

Other Tags: internet, fashion, food, wateen, technology


It's comedy, only not.

Owner: calicolyst

Listed in: Humor

Other Tags: humor, comedy, lulz, internet, life


celebrities and technology

Owner: uniquesolutions

Listed in: Technology


I have accepted the challenge of watching aruguably the worst movies ever made. The blog is my.. musings about each movie I watch on IMDB's bottom 100 movies. working my way through the list.. starting at number 100.

Owner: NixonKayne

Listed in: Entertainment

Other Tags: Worst Movies Ever, Bad Movies, Movies, IMDB, IMDB Bottom 100

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