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  • It's All About the Timing
    on Nov 2, 2015
    Most of you know by now that April 26, 2015 my youngest child was diagnosed with cancer (after I brought him into urgent care because he was acting differently all of a sudden and his complaints about stomach pain came back).What you didn't know was...
  • Not surro related . . . Worst. Week. Ever.
    on May 7, 2015
    I'm going to cut to the chase because I have the entire story written on CaringBridge (link below) but our youngest son Sawyer was diagnosed with Stage 3/4 (undetermined) Burkitt's Lymphoma last week.It has been a nightmare, a total shock and unreal.
  • Injection Video? Where was this years ago?
    on Mar 11, 2015
  • Do you have what it takes to be an EXCEPTIONAL Gestational Surrogate?
    on Dec 8, 2014
    Every so often women will approach me and ask if I think they could be a Gestational Surrogate.  They may have read about my three journeys online or they've heard about me or another surrogate and they are intrigued. Really intrigued. Usually,...
  • Some cute Surrogirlies just turned Six!
    on Dec 8, 2014
  • The Wonder-twins turned FOUR Sunday!
    on Oct 13, 2014
    Time please slow down! It is so crazy that five and a half years ago I met my second set of Intended Parents, and the other day their twins turned four. Soooooooooooo . . . . . Happy Birthday Gideon and Harper!
  • Big Girls!
    on Oct 13, 2014
    No training wheels here! Such big girls! FYI- Natasha and Anjali turn 6- yes SIX, next month!!
  • Sharing Ruby's go fund me campaign
    on Oct 10, 2014
    I always thought my first go fund me would be for my tummy tuck . . . but not yet!
  • My "Forever Baby Bump" has a name, Thanks Jennifer Garner!
    on Oct 9, 2014
    Did you see Jennifer Garner on Ellen?  Well, if you didn't, I've shared the clip below. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!Jennifer says, "Let's all just settle in and get used to it . . ."  EXACTLY!After 8 babies (3 of my own) . . . I...
  • Article: The surrogate mom who decided to only cary children for gay menSharing a link to a story about me choosing to carry for gay men . . . CLICK HERE!The surrogate mom who decided to only carry children for gay menOne Californian mom explains why she regards surrogacy, and helping gay men to become dads, as her own f...
  • Guess who's TWO?!!!
    on Jun 30, 2014
    It is so crazy how time flies! My litttle surro-man turned two this weekend!  I was able to Skype with (not so) Baby Alexander and his dads, which is always great . . . but this time, it was AMAZING!  Alexander was talking and was absolutel...
  • Are You Open to Being a Surrogate for an HIV Positive Intended Parent?
    on Jun 17, 2014
    When I applied to be a Surrogate back in 2007, I remember being asked if I would be open to carrying for an HIV-positive couple.  It was an interesting thought and  I'm sure, I seemed like the perfect candidate . . . . . . educated (mo...
  • Are you ready to feel old?
    on Jun 9, 2014
    Yep. Feeling really old . . .Guess who just graduated kindergarten?I know, right?!!!Natasha and Anjali, my surrogirlies graduated from Kindergarten last week.  GULP.
  • Prides of the Past- a revisit
    on May 23, 2014
     Just wanted to share a few of my posts about PRIDE from the past.For several years Stacie and I would design or have shirts made . . . I still have surrogates who ask about where they can get them years later . . . so here you go.2012- "Fi...
  • How many Surrogates does it take to ROCK a wedding?
    on Apr 22, 2014
    I married the love of my life (took a few decades to find her, but I did!)  I promise to share other wedding pictures and a blog or two about it, but for now, the only blog post that is ready to go is our "Surrogates Rock" aka "Look what I did"...
  • My Surrogirlies!
    on Mar 9, 2014
    Things have been so crazy lately . . . and between Thanksgiving, Christmas and planning our upcoming wedding, I've been the worst blogger ever.  Sorry :(Natasha and Anjali turned 5 a few months back and Erin (my fiance) and I were able to pay a...
  • Some Moms Marry Moms. Get Over It.
    on Nov 27, 2013
    Had our engagement/family photo shoot!  Still waiting for all the pictures, but our photographer, Beth with True Love Photo sent us a few "teaser pics".  Here are a few that she shared with us.This one we added a little saying to.
  • Look who just turned THREE!
    on Oct 14, 2013
    Due on Halloween and arriving a few weeks early . . . .  here they are three years later at their birthday party.Surrogacy is awesome.  To help a couple become a family is truly amazing.  They have gotten so big and their voices are ju...
  • Kelly's Other Blog Posts at The Next Family
    on Oct 14, 2013
    Several people have asked me about my blog posts at The Next Family.  So thought I'd give you some links, since they are not all together.  I have blogged under Kelly Rummelhart for Surrogacy and Kelly for Divorce, Coming out, wedding stuff...
  • My new body art
    on Jul 12, 2013
    For years I have thought about getting a tattoo to commemorate the most fullfilling time of my life . . . being pregnant, birthing my children and my years spent as a surrogate.  I knew I would get it eventually, but the process has been difficu...